Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Why Not Us?

This is writing practice, no more, no less. Lurking around all kinds of wonderful blogs -- listed to the side -- lo these many months of 2004 makes me feel enthused to add my voice but suspect that I'll have anything to add to the existing dialogue. Every relevant/odd/kinky/sassy article/review/op-ed/freakscene gets amply linked and given the once-over. But with the country suspended in electoral limbo right now, all eyes comfortably glued to whatever screen glows brightest, it's high time to get some words down for my own sake. No readers presumed. Focus, if any, will be on my efforts to get a nonfiction book sold. Just met with my agent this afternoon, who had constructive and not terribly involved notes on the current proposal. Coauthor JJ and I should be able to turn this sucker around in a week's time easy, and then out the door with the thing. Let the rejection letters begin! Or worse still: pure silence, the editorial void. But first, here's hoping the country sidesteps its own abyss. Go John-John.


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