Thursday, January 06, 2005

Feels like old times.

Douglas Wolk, or one of his many minions, digs deep into the Wolk archives for an aged top ten, his favorite records from 1994. This makes sense to me. Why not see how picks hold up over time? The yearly round-up is so obligatory even [ ahem ] people with seldom-seen blogs make time for it. Stepping away from the avalanche of year-end generalizations and rushes to judgment, leaving some room for more prolonged listening and contemplation -- yeah. That's not to say Wolk's list wasn't generated under an avalance of year-end generalizations at the time, but checking the list now does make it easier to see what was nasty and what was nice. And it gives a fogey like me time to catch up to his references; I'm about eight years behind him.


Blogger Chilly Jay Chill said...

I saw the Wolk list was glad to see him giving a shout-out to the sadly defunct Dog Faced Hermans! "Those Deep Buds" is a wonderful album. But more useful than just reproducing his Top 10 for 1994 would have been recreating a new one for that year -- taking hindsight, shifting preferences, and new discoveries into account. Which was his point, if not his practice. As you note, that 1994 was probably produced under the same pressures that generated his 2004 role call.

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