Thursday, February 17, 2005

Invisible man.

First Mike Tyson and now 50 Cent? The New York Times asks white folks in the Connecticut suburbs how they feel about their elusive rap star neighbor. The reporter speaks with a town resident who, apparently, is the 50 Cent of the curatorial world:

Mr. Holmes, who despite his impeccable diction and penchant for bow ties, is hardly old school. Since he arrived at the Wadsworth, his interest in contemporary art has sent a shot of zeitgeist to the nation's oldest public art museum. He and his wife, Mary Haus, a writer, live in one of the few contemporary homes in the village and give groovy parties.

Impeccable diction? Groovy parties? Are they remaking High Society up there in Hartford?


Anonymous Jugi said...

Well, I don't think we Slopers did too badly with ODB just 'round the corner. In fact, at one point I even flirted with changing my name to "Dirt McJew."

11:59 PM  

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