Monday, August 08, 2005


--Hungry like the Chuck: Carl Wilson not digging on Chuck Klosterman.

--Tangled up in polka dots: Clothesline Saga, a dotty Dylan photo gallery.

--Democracy now: Francis Davis, in the Village Voice, reviews the latest liberation project from Charlie Haden. Also the recently released Bird/Diz rediscovery. Also Billy Bang's Vietman: Reflections.

--Future days: A long feature at Pop Matters on Can's second wave, and Mute's re-release of Future Days, Soon over Babaluma, Landed, and Unlimited Edition.

--Music blogs that you will soon read instead of this one: The Pop View, which today notes the passing of Buena Vista vocalist Ibrihim Ferrer (see also snappy, sample-related posts on Sade and De La with Lou Rawls); Hallmonitor, formerly The Rub, indier-than-thou but in the nicest way possible, and we don't hold his GBV fixation against him; and free jazz reviewer Nate Dorward, whose reasonable tips for music reviewing are hard to argue with, and whose blog appears to be updated fairly regularly now (don't let the sabremetrics stuff fool you).

--Scraping the barrel: A column at Stylus from Ned Raggett seemingly devoted to pillorying whatever's lying around Stylus's offices on any given week, unclaimed. It's actually called Scraping the Barrel. So for barrel scrapings, thoughts on discs no one else even bothered to pick up, reflections on the forgotten, unforgiveable, unremarkable, and otherwise unavailable, go to, and have fun.


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