Monday, March 27, 2006

Mashup Monday.

Hi. How are you? Nice to see you again. When I first heard Evolution Control Committee's Herb Alpert-meets-Chuck D. train wreck, my head spun on its axis like a pinwheel. And it held a smile the whole way. The tune was on a mix, natch, from a friend (hey, Chilly), who offered no supporting or identifying information. I guess it's technically a mash-up, but lest you dismiss that trend as being so very 2002 (or was it '04?), this track hails from 1994, and can be heard in its two-minute entirety at the bottom of this post. I recommend skipping the post's text at first; this piece is ideal coming atcha with no context at all. (If it doesn't play on your machine at first click, saving it to your desktop might help.)

As a bonus, the Clash/Missy boot, "Burning Hot Jazz" by AgentLovelette, found elsewhere at The Pop View is, as she so aptly puts it, really, really hot.


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