Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm losing my edge ... to the middle-aged.

Simon Reynolds catches up with the two guys behind DFA Records. Britney Spears apparently got together with the DFA crew one afternoon to try to make some magic. Not surprisingly, nothing resulted, owing to a complete lack of shared musical touchstones, and for all I know there was equivalent lack on both sides. But I'm left wondering just how the producers at this tiny label came to Britney's attention. Was it the afternoons she spent listening in at fmu and digging lcd soundsystem? Or does her entourage include cool-seekers who probe the underbrush looking for the next flavor before it reaches full tanginess?

Also, did it really take a moment of full-on Ecstasy bliss to recognize that "Loose" by the Stooges would get the kids up and jumping? I could help you out there, Murph, without the hypotension. Of course, Reynolds has his own feelings about the drug, so there may have been a leading question or two involved. But, given that I can't even drink anymore, it's also possible that I'm just bitter.


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