Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Time for a witness. I mean, REALLY.

A special-ops guy in the Doug Wolk Army [DWA], possibly Douglas himself, posted on Xmas day about a new mp3 blog from Mike McGonigal, which at first blush appears phenomenally rich, after less than a month of posting (love the design). Among the gospel, a Feelies nugget, along with news of Crazy Rhythm's out-of-print status. This led us on a Feelies CD search, and it appears that all of their albums are OOP, if the amazon.com search engine is up-to-date. And if this listing is to be believed. This is extraordinarily wack-o, if in keeping with the Feelies strangulated history, of which more can be found here.

I saw the Feelies a bunch while in college in the late '80s, some of the best live music I've ever heard. They could be so much more ferocious on stage than on album. They ripped into "Sedan Delivery" like it was the last song they would ever, EVER play. "Gotta get away," indeed. I remember thinking that Glenn Mercer's body woudn't be able to withstand the onslaught, but this was probably just projection. Anyway, given The Feelies' limited output and fondness for choice covers, a box set is a likely next step, once their eBay value hits a certain "sell" level.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh. I have CRAZY RHYTHMS, THE GOOD EARTH, ONLY LIFE, and TIME FOR A WITNESS on tape. Haven't been moved to look for 'em on CD lately -- perhaps your post answers why. The one time I caught them, at Georgetown University (opening band: the Chickasaw Mud Puppies -- yep, you read that right), they blew the roof off the place. One thing I remember clearly from that show: the dude behind me in line, who admitted that Peter Buck had signed his back after an R.E.M. show, scrawling "Richard Thompson is God" in black magic marker.

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