Thursday, December 16, 2004

Everywhere that I'm not.

Douglas Wolk and his army of lookalikes who serve at his whim are all over the place all over again. One of the Wolks links to a nifty, NY-based concert review blog, more in the monitor; Wolk, posting there on the same Pixies/Mission of Burma show I saw, wishes there had been less, much less, in the speakers. I more or less agree with his assessment of the sound in the hall, but at the time blamed it on my my own degraded hearing. I came to earplugs late; too late.

Wolk was also on hand to check out a farewell performance of a different sort: the last meal served at the legendary kosher restaurant Ratner's. Ratner's was a culinary landmark of a decidedly blintzy sort for just shy of 100 years. (Like my elementary school, Ratner's will close after 99 years of doing business. Unlike my school, now condos, Ratner's will be demolished.)

And Wolk, perhaps the same one, links to WFMU's on the download page, noting in particular a Pixies parody/tribute. I would also highlight their ODB-RIP selection, his cover of Phil Collins' Sussudio.


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