Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Reject #1.

Our book proposal has received it's first rejection letter, and it's very nice, thank you:

Dear [agent name],
Thanks for sending me the proposal. I read it with a great deal of interest and discussed it with people here, but while I found much to like in it -- the authors' obviously intense involvement in and knowledge of free jazz, the well-thought-out organization of the book, the fact that free jazz has not been written about that much in book form -- I ultimately think the audience for the book will be too small, as is unfortunately usually the case with jazz books. I have no doubt someone will disagree, however, so I wish you all the best in finding the right publisher for the book.

Please do continue to send me proposals for books on music, film, theater, and cultural studies of all kinds. These are indeed the kinds of books we are looking for for Faber.
Have a great holiday!
All best,

It is perhaps a sad comment on my self-esteem that I take solace in the respect shown to our project here. Then again, you'd think that the publisher of Billy Corgan's poetry would have fairly lax standards.


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