Thursday, December 02, 2004

We should all rock with the government-supported fury of the Dutch.

Tuesday Morning Quarterback, the best weekly, 7,000-word football column penned by a Brookings Institution fellow, made a rare fumble in a recent article. Poking fun at the Dutch Rock and Pop Institute, TMQ wrote, "Rock is supposed to be a form of rebellious anti-establishment expression. Can't they do anything without government hand-holding in the European Union?" This is semi-amusing, as is the notion of an Under Secretary of Wa Wa Effects (I nominate this guy), but any nation that celebrates the 25th anniversary of a wonderfully extreme band like The Ex -- former squatters who are something like the ur-Fugazi -- has the right idea about arts support. (Hear for yourself.)

Meanwhile, speaking of government hand-holding, back at home, our own Mom and Pop Institue, the FCC, so fears for our moral purity that the complaints of a mere three people are enough to spur a record fine against a TV network. It is reassuring to know that our leaders have us by the, uh, hand, innit?


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