Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Suck my left one.

Seattle's Experience Music Project has an online exhibit up now that documents the riot grrrl movement. The story as written is decent if extremely narrow, focusing almost exclusively on the Pacific Northwest, 1991 -- was it really that local and shortlived? Of course, since the guy that started the place is from the area, perhaps a regional focus is to be expected.

But the music clips are worth the price of admission: Huggy Bear, early Bikini Kill, Lois Maffeo, Beat Happening [though I had trouble making any Windows Media clip play; maybe the EMP's founder had a falling out with his old buddy]. There are posters and other graphic artifacts on display, too, and lots of video clips I don't have the bandwidth or time to explore fully.

More context would've helped, maybe something on forebears like Liliput or The Raincoats or even Mo Tucker. And while the write-up touches on class issues, noting how most of the movement was made up of middle- or upper-middle class women, there's really nothing on the queerer elements of riot grrrl [is three the proper number of r's?], which produced its own impressive musical lineage. But it's a retrospective, not a critical overview, so perhaps we ask too much.


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