Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I Waste Time So You Don't Have To

The new Sleater-Kinney album is slated to be released by Sub Pop on May 24th. You'd think there'd be much murmuring around the web about the new songs, new direction, etc but information is surprisingly scarce. So here's a compendium of what I've been able to track down so far.

Punknews was the first to break the tracklist and announce the title: Moonless. A fine title. Several days later, Pitchfork announced the same tracklist but a different title: The Woods. A less fine title. The only person on the web who claims to have heard the album is Matos, who lists the title as: Entertain. A not fine title. He ranks the album as the third best of 2005 and says it sounds very different from their past releases, more murky and garage. OK, except what exactly did he hear since the band just finished mastering the album today? Maybe we should just take our info straight from the group. Here's an interview with Corin Tucker discussing their new music - it was conducted just as the band wrapped recording at the end of December. More to follow as it surfaces.


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