Wednesday, January 12, 2005

You Think You Got Trouble

Do you remember the excellent Infinite Zero reissue label started in the '90s by Henry Rollins and Rick Rubin? It featured some great titles including the first three Gang of Four cds (all with bonus eps), early Devo, The Monks, Tom Verlaine, and the prime movers of the Washington DC go-go scene... Trouble Funk.

Infinite Zero was too cool to last and all those CDs are out of print and fetching staggering eBay sums. I was always curious about Trouble Funk but by the time my curiosity traveled down to my wallet, it was too late. But wait. The estimable Mr. Rollins has just started a new reissue label under his 2.13.61 umbrella and its first release collects both of Infinite Zero's Trouble Funk reissues. This generous two-fer gives you "Live" and "Early Singles" for -- check this out -- $10. A seriously righteous bargain. One dollar from every sale even goes to charity.

Both reissues got raves at the time and are highly touted by the good people at AMG. Here are more details about this fine enterprise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yowza. Hard to resist; thanks for the link. Only Trouble Funk I evah had was, if I'm remembering this right, one track on an NME 45, with Jesus & Mary Chain, Husker Du, and something else that doesn't belong.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Chilly Jay Chill said...

Did you read the part in Rollins' description on his site where he talks about him and Ian MacKaye flipping out to TF as kids - having to pull over the car b/c they were so overwhelmed by the sounds pumping out of their stero?! A high recommendation from two people with damn good taste.

1:47 PM  

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