Monday, January 03, 2005

the Shallow End

There should be some more auspicious way to express my greetings and thank you for letting me hitch on to your blog, but whatever. So, hi. Hope you don't mind if I figure out the formatting and whatnot in real time.

So here's something unbelievably trivial that's been taking up too much of my spare time... Life Aquatic tennis shoes! The best thing about "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" was the set design and costumes -- and please don't take that as a diss of the film. Simply gorgeous visuals. Among other things, I left coveting the special sneakers the crew wears, listed on the (lemme find the link) official movie website as "1987 Limited Edition Team Zissou Adidas." The site says the shoes are sold out, but I don't believe they ever existed. A big tease. At least you can order the typically excellent Wes Anderson-compiled soundtrack. Love Seu Jorge's Portugeuse renditions of Bowie.

I was exicted to find a DIY and ghetto fabulous way to create your own (wait a second now) Zissou Adidas -- until I realized that it's almost as hard to find a pair of the Adidas Rom Classics with Blue Stripes that you'll need to create the Zissous as it is to get the phantom Zissous themselves! So an even bigger tease. To further complicate matters, someone was selling pairs of the homemade Zissous on eBay but their auction was summarily removed by the Powers-That-Be (sorta begs for a link, but it's not getting one). Is it all a ruse?

Well, this absurd post should lower any expectations you might have had about my spicing up your blog. Not that it needed spicing, mind you. Now how do I change my blog name?


Blogger Prof. Drew LeDrew said...

The Onion is right there with you, picking a couple of Life Aquatic items for their swag best-of list.
Mrs. Chemclass spotted the red hat on the subway recently. The gentleman under it was able to wear it very seriously.

12:47 PM  

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