Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Say hello to never.

NYer music critic Sasha Frere-Jones took a hiatus from his blog a little while ago, allowing us to come out from under the bed, and imagine, slowly at first, that we knew something about something. To fill the now-empty daylight hours, though, we poked around NYC-based music blogs One Louder and More in the Monitor and Brooklyn Vegan, Austin-based Tim O Thompson, the redoubtable UK-based No Rock&Roll Fun, and realized, no, we still know nothing about nothing. Possibly even less. Then SFJ came back after less than a week and it was back under the bed.

Also sighted while out and about:
Panopticist, which, after a heavily didactic start, hit its stride with this post on DeLillo's annotations to the first page of White Noise. I was also pleased to note Pano's role as faux cover boy for Stay Free!'s American Gentrifier magazine, as I had earlier claimed that status.

Carrie McLaren of Stay Free! has also started a rip-roaring blog that makes me feel indignant and useless in equal measure.

And straight outta Jersey City, WFMU is blogging. Also podcasting.


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