Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sound and vision.

Assorted links, some via the Aum Fidelity email update:

  • Vision Festival X. The tenth annual Vision Fest line-up is online and it's a doozy. For the unitiated, this free jazz / improvised music festival is like the Warped Tour, Coachella, and All Tommorow's Parties all rolled into one freaky free scene. It will run June 14 to 19. Night 1 highlight: WARM: Reggie Workman, Pheroan akLaff, Sam Rivers, Roscoe Mitchell. Night 2 highlight: Henry Grimes Quartet with Marshall Allen, Andrew Lamb, Hamid Drake. Night 3 highlight: Joseph Jarman, Fred Anderson, Alvin Fielder, Tatsu Aoki (it's Fred Anderson Day). Night 4 highlight: Bill Dixon Group. Night 5 highlight: Peter Brotzmann, Nasheet Waits (ouch). Closing night highlights: Little Huey Creative Orchestra and Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Sabir Mateen, Han Bennink. And that's just skimming the surface.
  • Sam Prekop's new outing not satifying your Prekop jones? (No relation to Crackity Jones.) Aum Fidelity will soon release the debut album, long unavailable, of Prekop's pre-Sea and Cake band Shrimp Boat, featuring an appearance from Brad Wood on soprano saxophone.
  • Tales of Canada's emergent hipness may have been exaggerated. Carl Wilson reports on the inaugural Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.
  • On giggly twits. The effervescent individual behind Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing, the exhaustive online resource for the aspiring writer and network-obsessed publishing professional, recently unveiled the fourth edition of his opus, and includes a cover letter that is a model of unrestrained ranting. I'm not sure if lines like "the main reason I made the site was so that I could sit down one fine day like today and send all 6,000 of the shortsighted, money-grubbing goons and giggly twits in the book business and the movie businesses an e-mail telling 'em exactly what I think of 'em" or "I write great books, important books, books worth reading and writing, books that would make great movies, and you reject 'em, how stupid is that?" or "Your children and grandchildren are gonna see your name among the thousands of money-grubbing schlock-peddlers and giggly twits and useless goons who dismissed my beautiful books and chose instead to go gaga over the unspeakably inane, mind-numbing twaddle that will become known as American literature and culture of the early 21st Century" or "You may never know how stupid you are, how ignorant, how useless, how negligible, due in large part to having your head buried all the way to China in the dirt of your own giggly greed, but posterity will" will get his books published, but it does make for entertaining reading. Plus, some of us like mind-numbing twaddle.
  • Ware are you? Two fine David S. Ware articles can be found in the "real" world that's rumored to be outside, the one without URLs. One will appear in the April 11 issue of The Nation, the other in Signal to Noise.


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