Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Trem, too.

The machine that is Doug Wolk recently had a baby (er, his partner did; he's not that kind of machine -- congrats, DW!) but continues to rage, rage against the crying of the tyke, filing a sort of Jukebox Jury item over at eMusic, with Mission of Burma commenting on their own discography. From Roger Miller: "On Vs. and Signals, the concept of three-part harmony would be all of us yelling at the same time." There's a different concept?

Meanwhile, Wolk is plowing through Dylan's complete catalog in chronological order (he's up to the soft belly of the beast, Infidels), taking on the Naked City box, and reviewing the Fall's complete radio sessions (MES: "Lloyd Cole’s-ah brain and face is made of cowpat.” YES.). Because anything less and brain scans would discover a synapse or two that were not firing in DW's research-grade skull. When my first child was born I gave myself the assignment of remembering to breathe every few seconds.


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