Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sweeeeeeet and sour.

One of the sweetest things I've seen online in a great while:
For the straight-edge downloader, Pinchworm, a site that selects and collects only the finest in strictly legal mp3s from around the web. The well-designed site has a distinctly indie/pop sensibility, for all of your Spoon/Morrissey/ Low/Hot Hot Heat listening needs.

Only slightly less sweet, and significantly more high concept, an mp3 blog devoted to covers: Copy, Right? Don't listen to the "Float On" cover unless you hate kids, or want to.

On the sour tip: Tuning Fork, a loud, small, convoluted blog devoted to critiquing Pitchfork reviews, in the process making Pitchfork's usual insidery blather seem like the highest form of ecumenical clarity. [via]

Shutting up now.


Blogger Dan said...

Some people say the nicest things! Thanks for the love. I'll try to be worthy of it.

10:31 AM  

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