Thursday, April 28, 2005


What to do when the most exciting new jazz discovery is old jazz?
If this performance sees the light of day, you think Jason Moran wants his latest coming out at the same time? Anyway, something to look forward to.

On the more forward looking tip, we've been wondering how we haven't noticed Paris Transatlantic (formerly the Paris New Music Review) before now. Discovered via Nate Dorward, PT magazine offers a range of New Music reviews and interviews, rendered in mercifully jargon-free language. Check the great interviews with Dave Burrell ("Ella used to practice in her kitchen and we could hear it in our kitchen. Everybody back in the '40s didn't quite know what she was doing, so a lot of people were complaining about it."), Sunny Murray ("Milford was freaking out, screaming 'Don't ever listen to nobody but me!'"; "But the real dinosaurs were ESP and BYG, because they didn't pay NOBODY. You're dead as far as they're concerned. I've been dead for thirty-two years. Now they've re-released everything so it's like you're dead two times."), Alan Silva ("Nobody plays Unit Structures in a jam session! That album took us four months of rehearsal."), Misha Mengelberg ("I played a piece for [Monk] that I thought was one of his best pieces, and he said he had forgotten it. Never heard of it. “Criss Cross.” Never heard of it."), and so on and so on.


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