Monday, April 18, 2005

For TMFTML lovers only.

The science watchers over at Imponderable Research point to items of interest in their most recent issue, notably some research by and for the adolescent male that in at least one case seeks to put the bun back into bunsen burner (or the opposite). Four actual research projects are noted, in precis form, among them:

"Colorectal Foreign Bodies," which appeared in Colorectal Disease. vol. 7, no 1, January 2005.
Objective: A pictorial review of colorectal foreign bodies and their extraction.
Methods: A prospective data-base and photographic record of patients who presented with retained colorectal foreign bodies at our institution has been maintained since 1995.... The foreign bodies included a penknife, an aerosol deodorant spray can, a blue plastic tumbler, a plastic bag containing two bank-notes and some marijuana [worst. drug deal. ever.], a plastic packet containing fish hooks, a penlight torch, a broomstick, a battery powered vibrator, a primus stove, a cap of an aerosol can, a piece of wire, a piece of hosepipe wrapped with wire and an iron bar. They entered the alimentary tract for a variety of reasons....

A pictorial review? It's true; this stuff never gets tired.

The other report worthy of mention would be "Monkeys Pay Per View: Adaptive Valuation of Social Images by Rhesus Macaques," from Current Biology, vol. 15, no. 6., in which we learn "male rhesus macaques [paid something of value] for the opportunity to view female perinea...." Porn: it's a primate thing.

We leave further Google work to the truly fetishistic.


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