Thursday, April 07, 2005

Forest from the Trees

We can't offer a review of Sleater-Kinney "The Woods" just yet, but here are two interviews with the band that offer some interesting insights into the recording process of the new album. First there's this chat with both Corin Tucker and new producer Dave Friedmann where they discuss how the band reshaped its sound in the studio. Caveat with the link: it may load slowly due to unecessarily gigantic images or you may need to search for the article again within the site. Plus you'll have to overlook the high school journalism intro. So skim and you'll enjoy.

Even better is this recent interview with Carrie "Better than Clapton" Brownstein where she tackles a wide range of topics including the reasons for the band's long abscence, the benefits of working with a producer who isn't a fan, going back to grad school, why she hates '80s throwback bands, Rick Moody, Deep Purple, Can, donuts, and much more. No need to skim this one.


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