Tuesday, April 05, 2005

White and sexless.

Two interesting news bits from Pitchfork last week:

First, Neil Young recently suffered a brain aneurysm, but appears to have made a full recovery:

Revered rock icon Neil Young is in a New York hospital tonight [Friday] after suffering a brain aneurysm. Fortunately, having undergone minimally invasive neuroradiology on Tuesday, the prognosis is good. According a statement from Young's agent, Bob Merlis, the procedure "corrected the problem and has been characterized as a complete success with a total recovery. And resumption of normal activities by the 59-year-old rock legend is predicted for the near future." In the meantime, Young is resting up.

The first signs of trouble came on March 14, after a performance with the Pretenders at New York's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, when Young began experiencing visual field disturbances. Shortly thereafter, he was given an MRI scan, which revealed a blood vessel had burst in his brain. Surgery was scheduled for this week. Young passed the time between the diagnosis and procedure recording in a Nashville studio.

Neil Young: not one to let a silly little brain aneurysm get in the way of his recording schedule.

And also, scrolling down:

Gang of Four to Reissue Entertainment!
Rhino Records has announced a May 17 arrival date for the reissue, which supplements the original 12-track record with the four-song Yellow EP and four further bonus tracks that, as far as we can tell, are previously unreleased. The songs from Yellow have already been used as bonuses for earlier editions of Entertainment!, though one of them, "Armalite Rifle", was left off of the most recent pressing in England. (The U.S. reissue on Henry Rollins' Infinite Zero Records had it, but the British version has had the distinct advantage of actually, you know, being in print.)

01 Ether / 02 Natural's Not In It / 03 Not Great Men / 04 Damaged Goods / 05 Return the Gift / 06 Guns Before Butter / 07 I Found That Essence Rare / 08 Glass / 09 Contract / 10 At Home He's a Tourist / 11 5.45 / 12 Anthrax / 13 Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time (Yellow EP) / 14 He'd Send in the Army (Yellow EP) / 15 It's Her Factory (Yellow EP) / 16 Armalite Rifle (Yellow EP) / 17 Contract (alternate recording) / 18 Guns Before Butter (alternate recording) / 19 Blood Free (live song, unreleased) / 20 Sweet Jane (live) [Velvet Underground]
I'm looking forward to finally updating my cassette of Entertainment!, and to the NY show in a few months.


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