Tuesday, April 12, 2005


New York's venerable Downtown Music Gallery recently reported the following in their latest oppressively long and detailed email newsletter/test of endurance:
Note on last week's ENO REMASTERS: It turns out Virgin Europe screwed up again -- tracks 18 and 20 on the MORE MUSIC FOR FILMS disc are the SAME CUT! We have made calls to the authorized US distributor, Astralwerks/ Caroline, and they have assured us that they will be sending us replacement discs [without covers] to send to all our mail-order customers who have ordered - or are ordering - this item, as well give to any store customers who have kept their receipts of this purchase. All others, regardless of where you purchased it from, must write to Caroline records and they will send you a replacement. However, these replacement discs will likely not be available for at least a month, so in the meantime we have not been asked to return our stocks - you may still purchase this -enjoy it now - and receive your replacement later.

Okay, thanks. I can barely make it through the first two lines before my eyes fog over, but it does give us license to point to this early Eno track [scroll down] recently posted at WFMU's On the Download page, where they say: "PAW PAW NEGRO BLOWTORCH by Brian Eno with the Winkies. Rarely heard 1974 BBC session with Bri-Bri backed by a temporary rock band known as the Winkies. This song appeared in much different form on the Here Come the Warm Jets." You can keep More Music for Films; I'll take this one.


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