Monday, May 16, 2005

Teaching the indie kids how to jazz.

In case you missed it, Fluxblog last week posted another of the tracks from the Cyrus Chestnut/James Carter Pavement cover project, "Platform Blues," from Terror Twilight. Forced me back to that album, as I didn't recognize the song until about three minutes in. Carter really leans into this one. Perpetua couples it with a tune from Soul Jazz's compliation of free and funky jazz, New Sounds --- Eddie Gale's "Black Rhythm Happening." Which we hope isn't representative of the whole thing, as it sounds something like the chatter at the start of "What's Going On" stretched out for multiple minutes, with a bit more cohesion on the vocals. I kept waiting for the Happening to begin. Fun in the studio; not as fun in the headphones.

And, while we're looking at covers at Fluxblog, for another day or so you can hear a string quartet take on Sonic Youth's Dirty-era track, "Wish Fulfillment," along with a rehearsal tape version of the song by SY.


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