Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dribs, DRABS.

-- Thom Yorke has a blog, Dead Air Space. Brings to mind the Kid A booklet, awash in artless art, gnomic in-jokes, and wasted real estate. But he seems to be warming to it.

-- ECM has reissued trombonist Julian Priester's 1974 free funk-fest Love, Love. Priester was fresh from Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi band at the time, which took Miles Davis' electronic skronk and Mooged it out; Priester's group gets back to the beat. This track was ear-marked for the rumored second volume in Virgin UK's Jazz Satellites series.

-- I want to take this time to send out a special, special dedication to the girl standing to my left at the Killers concert last night at Stubb's.... So begins an amusing rant at Craigslist/Austin. But really dude, why not just move?

-- So the Village Voice music blogs now? We are unfazed (as we are unread), even in the face of Tom Breihan's rather funny write up of Heinekin's AmsterJam (really), held last weekend at Randall's Island, "an apocalyptically ugly venue." Check Diddy's wordless cameo.

-- Lit blogger Ed Champion rips Klosterman a new one while coining a new one: Klosterfuck. People really seem to enjoy trashing this guy, seemingly for good reason. I didn't mind Fargo Rock City, though that was given to me and probably all that I'll ever read by him. But like the enraged fan at the Killers show (see above), who seems to have enjoyed being so put out, it's weird that people enjoy hammering hammering hammering hammering on the Kloster-man, to the point where any impartial observer can see there's a puddle where his head used to be. It goes above and beyond. That's all I'm sayin. Oooo, you stepped right in it....


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