Friday, March 31, 2006

Witness for the ax-ecution.

It’s like being in the back of the room at some kind of human sacrifice.

There's a long and wonderful interview with Marc Ribot at the unsung (by me, anyway) All About Jazz site. The interviewer really knows his stuff and allows Ribot room to go deep. I especially liked the guitarist's take on Ayler --- noting his links to ritual music, and talking about how Ayler's recordings are as much about a frozen (and lost) moment in time as a collection of tunes --- that what we hear listening now is not necessarily what happened in the room. I dunno; sounds better when he says it.... Also, Ribot has the ability to sound like a fan, in his enthusiams, which makes his assessments and pronouncements much easier to take.

I'm no guitar god worshipper (have to look up the spelling of Yngwie evvy time, for example), but ever since the tri-fecta of Rain Dogs, Big Time, and Big Heart, I've been totally sold on Ribot. Were this an mp3 site, you would find a link to "Big Time" right here:

Jazz? Sure, I suppose so. All I know is it makes me get up and boogie evvy time. Evvy. Single. Time.


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