Friday, November 05, 2004

One man designs while the other man screams.

Solidly enjoyable and admirably eclectic music 'zine Perfect Sound Forever has moved to a new, dedicated site address; dropped the old, unslick but workable design; made most of their back catalog unavailable; and in the process have become completely irrelevant. They appear to have incorporated some kind of post-Pitchfork scheme that favors crampiness over ease-of-use, or, you know, readability. They're also rather optimistic on the ad front, based on the number of "your ad here" boxes on the front page, and while I wish them well, the utter lack of takers might be cause to at least scale back the operation for the time being. Or fake it. I'd link to one of the new stories, but it's so hard going I'm not able to venture deep enough to know if they're worth reading. The serif: check it out, guys. Please.


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