Thursday, January 27, 2005

Out of the Woods

It's official: The new Sleater-Kinney album is titled The Woods. Carrie describes their new sound as "heavy, raw, psychedelic." Which maybe explains why they went with Dave Fridmann as producer. And what's everyone's favorite guitarist listening to these days? Pick three: Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Can, Grateful Dead, The Misfits. Answers here.

Sub Pop has a more detailed description of the album and lots of cheerleading language about: Change! Change! Change is good! I can't tell if this is a form of hysterical hype or a way of preemeptively talking fans off the ledge. Are S-K boosters that fragile? Or is the album really that radically different? And am I crazy - or is there a weirdly hedged tone in both the official press release and Carrie's above-cited missive?


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