Friday, January 21, 2005

Reject #3.

More good news/bad news on the book front. The bad news is another rejection letter. The good? It was a complimentary rejection letter:

Dear [agent]:
Thanks so much for your kind patience while we consider Destination Out!!, an extremely well-done proposal by Misters Jackson and Golick. I've seen several proposals on this subject, and this one certainly towers above the others in its thoroughness and accessibility, which makes me even more sorry to say that we have decided to pass. As I'm sure you know, we've published a lot of books on pretty much every style of jazz over the years, and unfortunately the last few have been difficult, sort of like we're faced with a shrinking audience. Free Jazz is even tougher--avant-garde by nature, it demands a committed, serious audience--and sales isn't sure we can reach enough of them to drive this beyond the core crowd.

I really appreciate the opportunity and hope we'll connect on something in the future.
With best wishes,

The really bad news is that this particular publisher, Da Capo, was a leading candidate to take it on, one of the best publishers of serious jazz books out there. I recall saying to the agent that the first couple of rejects didn't really bother me, because they didn't surprise me; Da Capo, on the other hand, that would be a disappointment. Color me disappointed. The proposal is now moldering on or under the desks of four additional editors, and four more will get it within a week or so. We happen to think this guy, and the others, are wrong about the audience: it goes well beyond the serious jazzbo crowd, encompassing everyone from Phish phreaks to hip hop heads to Sonic Youth acolytes. Or so we say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chin up. The motherfuckers are plain wrong and the furthermuckers will have their day. Peace out.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's in the packaging? I think you're on to something here, guys, so perhaps the phrase "Free Jazz" is the one that has to go. Could "Modern Jazz" be more apt in this case, i.e. something those pesky sales depts could chew on? Keep going. It's gonna hit.

11:35 PM  

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