Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Parkeralia for sale.

Recently found on eBay:

This is one of about 800 pieces of vinyl from the LP collection of saxophonist Evan Parker, all to be auctioned over the next year by this seller and seller "soulful-i". Roughly one half of the collection comprises modern Jazz LPs (including large collections of Coltrane and Dolphy originals) brought back by Parker on his early Sixties trips to the US; those will be listed by soulful-i. Parker also acquired hundreds of avant-garde and improvised music LPs directly from fellow musicians and contemporaries; these will be auctioned here. Nearly all are new or play as new. Please continue to watch for these auctions.

The seller in question is donaldbyrd, who as of this writing has nothing for sale.
[via Bagatellen]


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