Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Ex recommends.

The indefatigable 'FMU blog yesterday linked to a video by 25-yr-old Congolese band and The Ex label-mates Konono No. 1.
give the drummer some more
This group takes The Ex's propulsiveness and strips out the guitars, leaving room for all kinds of percussion, standard and homemade, and replacing the guitar sound with a droney marimba (or likembe) buzz --- for an almost purely in-the-red rhythmic experience. It's a large file, but worth the download time. And once you watch it, you'll want to buy the two albums for sale here [scroll down]. Hard to resist something called Congotronics. It's such a good name, the Crammed Disc people are using it to cover the series inaugurated by this album, which will feature amplified traditional Congolese music. Crammed has a blog, and runs down all of the recent Konono action in blogville.


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