Monday, June 06, 2005

Byrne's broadcast.

Not sure why I've taken on the job of alerting our ten readers when David Byrne's site updates its playlist, but here is June's:

Falling In Love With Jill Kotowski / Bob Schneider
Barabajagal / Donovan
Hot smoke & Sasafrass / Bubble Puppy
Talking Bout My Baby / Fatboy Slim
Shipbuilding / Robert Wyatt
At last I am free / Robert Wyatt
Otto E Mezzo / Nino Rota
Secret Heart / Feist
Layin' Stones / The Barbers
Terrible Angels / CocoRosie
To cry about / Mary Margaret o'Hara
Galang (Radio Edit) / M.I.A.
It Takes More (Bloodshy Main Mix) / Ms. Dynamite
Follow me follow me / Tejo, Black alien & Speed
Senhorinha / Guinga
Mona Lisa / Nat King Cole
It Never Entered My Mind / Julie London
Concrete Pie / Bob Schneider
Go It Alone / Beck
Missing / Beck
Inho, Inho / Lucas Santtana
Pitada De Tabaco / Riachão
Call Mr. Lee / Television
Misterioso / Thelonious Monk
A Eme O / Andrea Echeverri
Guia de cego / Guinga
Slash Dot Dash / Fatboy Slim
Things Change / Elymental
Bonito Y Sabroso / Beny More
Wrecking Ball / Emmylou Harris
Good Friday / CocoRosie
Not For Sale / CocoRosie
Kitchen / ACO
The Modern Things / Björk
Para Viver Um Grande Amor / Toquinho & Vinicius
Essa Menina / Toquinho & Vinicius
Wonderful / The Beach Boys
Peach Trees / Rufus Wainwright
People Power in the Disco Hour / Cornershop
Trio Mocoto / Various Artists
Ara-Kêtu / Paulinho Arakêto
Zumbi / Jorge Ben
A Namorada / Carlinhos Brown
Furious Angel / Rob Dougan

There's a lot of great folk and folkish stuff on the program now; I especially enjoy the three CocoRosie tracks, about whom I know next-to-nothing. For some reason, Fatboy Slim sounds really over on this mix. Anyway, enjoy this mostly SFW assembly.


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