Friday, June 03, 2005

Shoulda Been There

Listing your favorite live shows is a bit obnoxious, but I figure everyone loves a good Top 10 list. Besides I already posted a less thoughtful version of this elsewhere. Not that anyone asked, but here are the rock n roll concerts that flipped my wig most totally. (Limit one per act)

1. Mongrel Bitch w/The Hat Brothers and Sheep Shit (Gargoyle, NYC 1993)
2. Iggy Pop w/Mano Negro (The Rialto, Raleigh, NC 1990)
3. The Raincoats (Maxwells, Hoboken, NJ 1994)
4. The Dog-Faced Hermans (Maxwells 1994)
5. Sleater-Kinney w/Modest Mouse and Unwound (The Cooler, NYC 1996)
6. PJ Harvey w/Tricky (The Academy, NYC 1995)
7. Sonic Youth w/Social Distortion and Neil Young (Dean Dome, Chapel Hill, NC 1991)
8. The Mekons (Maxwells 1997)
9. Yo La Tengo (Cat's Cradle, Carborro, NC 1995)
10. The Swinging Neckbreakers (Maxwells 1994)

HONORABLE MENTONS: The Archers of Loaf w/Picasso Trigger and Motorolla (Cat's Cradle 1992); The Ex (Knitting Factory, NYC 2004); David Thomas and 2 Pale Boys w/Linda Thompson (Knitting Factory 1999); Fugazi (Roseland, NYC 1993); Nirvana w/The Breeders and Half Japanese (Stabler Arena, Allentown, PA, 1993); Pavement (Irving Plaza, NYC 1994); Rocket From the Tombs (Village Underground, NYC 2002); Bob Dylan (Trocadero, Philadelphia, 1998); Wire (Irving Plaza 2001); Wilco (Randall's Island, NY 1997); Richard Thompson (Maxwells 1999); Television (Cat's Cradle 1991). And lastly, the show that did the most permanent damage to my hearing: Ice-T and Body Count (Cat's Cradle 1992). My heartfelt thanks to all.


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