Friday, June 03, 2005

Eno Sings!

It's not exactly Garbo Smiles, but hey it's been 25 years since the man's last proper song album. Of course that's not counting his collaboration with John Cale in the early '90s or the wisely shelved-before-release My Squelchy Life in the late '80s. Still, there are some heavy expectations resting on Another Day On Earth, which may or may not be met, depending on whether you believe this British review of the album. Seems wise to expect Before And After Science, not Here Come the Warm Jets. And wondering why Eno decided to return to his songwriting roots and start using, y'know, words? This interview explains all - including his upcoming gig producing - no, really - Paul Simon!

Although Eno has steered clear of the Roxy Music reunion, he has been taking it to the stage recently, playing a series of gigs with Algerian punk rai musician Rachid Taha. Click here for a review of one show where Eno and Taha rocked the Casbah in St. Petersburg. And if you want to know more about Taha, I can highly recommend checking out Made in Medina.


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