Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Putting the ya-ya in Magyar.

We love Dusty Groove, and poking fun at the proprietors' unalloyed enthusiasm is akin to finding fault with Trump's hair, or greed, but every once in a while a line is crossed. We present:

Funkytown, Budapest -- Hungarian Funk from the 70s
Blek (Hungary), 1970s
Heavy funk from one of the most far-out scenes we've ever covered -- the jazz, funk, fusion heyday of 70s Hungary! This 13 track package is a great introduction to a world we'd really like to hear more of -- and it features a heady brew of guitar riffs, funky drums, and sweet keyboards -- mostly falling towards the rock/fusion end of the spectrum, with loads of tight jamming tunes that really take off into space with the grooves! Titles include "Teach The Children" by Kovacs Kati, "The King With The Shred-Legs" by Skorpio, "Let Me Be" by Locomotiv GT, "Turning Off My Nervous" by Bergendy, "Pull Out A Disc" by General, "Blackmachine" by Mini, "Breathe Fresh Air" by Demjen Ferenc, and "In The Shadows Of Lightning Pyramid" by Piramis.

A heady brew of "guitar, drums, and keyboards?" Lordy, what won't those Dusty Groove scribes present for our listening pleasure? Apparently, this is not new, despite being on the DG front page right now.

Something that is new, and no doubt more widely available, is the latest Soul Jazz comp, The Sexual Life of the Savages: Post-Punk from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Can't comment on the sound, as we've only heard the two 30-second snippets at the Soul Jazz site, but the timing is impeccable. Now we can find out who ripped off Gang of Four first, south of the equator.


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