Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Your Avant Music News syndication service.

Noted at AMN:

--A long interview with Vijay Iyer at All About Jazz.

--Professor Braxton is turning sixty this year. People at Wesleyan are celebrating. This is our favorite bit: "Throughout the duration of the festival, at locations and times to be specified on this website, aspects of Braxton's music system will be performed in public spaces throughout the Wesleyan University campus, bringing his work into direct contact with the community." The community is forewarned.

--The Rova Sax Quartet has of late been inspired by Stan Brakhage's work.

--Missed the Vision Fest? Chilly's recap not enough? A program on BBC's Radio 3, Jazz on 3 with Jez Nelson, will be airing selected moments on Friday night; the feed will be available here. (Hit the radio player, and follow through to Jazz on 3.) "Featured performers include Mat Maneri, bass legend Henry Grimes and Fred Anderson."


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