Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In walks Bruce.

The Springsteen site is nothing if not user-friendly, listing as it does the many, many tracks a concert-goer might hear on arriving at the stadium. The list ranges from several Dylan songs to, er, Woody Guthrie, but there are some mild surprises on the list (Social Distortion, Nas, Sleater-Kinney ["Promised Land," natch]), not least of which is the one track you'll hear on exiting the stadium: Four Tet's "Slow Burn." Four Tet's latest is reviewed in this week's Village Voice, btw. [orig. noted at more in the monitor]

ALSO: Four Tet review at Borrowed Tunes.
AND AGAIN: One Louder is all over Four Tet, too. He's doing an in-store next week at NYC's Other Music. So that's an Oct Tet for you.


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