Thursday, August 25, 2005

What's next b/w What's old.

Had your fill of leaked tracks by [yr fave artist with upcoming disk here]? Not sure where to turn next, and not willing to wait for Pitchfork/Fluxblog/TMFTML to tell you? Bill Berger's eclectic song dump at the 'fmu blog might be just the ticket. Heavy on selections from the "infamous" Nurse With Wound list, you get everything from Amon Duul II to 70s reggae to Cheap Trick; the real find for me is The Trees, 70s Brit-folk akin to Fairport fronted by a more annoying Sandy Denny. No, it's good.

The 'fmu blog also has the lowdown on the rather nutty Lydon-Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69) set-to, as witnessed by the Proclaimers. Perhaps this was a scene from some new reality show: Old & Punk'd? Hard not to see Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau cast in the recreation (except for the being dead part).


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