Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Better living through blogs.

Was thrilled to discover that author Paul Collins has a blog, Weekend Stubble. I freaking loved his book Banvard's Folly (don't let the McSweeney's look sway you), and always like his occasional pieces (one was recently in the NYTimes mag; he's also written a number of essays for the Voice). That I haven't read his other books is only a function of available time and money. Anyway, another literary-ish blog to enjoy and enthuse over, if you're not already doing so.


Pete Townsend is using a blog to serialize his navel a novel. I'm not sure if I'm reading this right, but does this page show Townsend and his fabulous girlfriend?


Travelers Diagram, he don't post much these days, but there are two great covers along the sidebar right now: SY's "I Know There's an Answer," from the deluxe Goo --- god, it's great to hear them work out a straight song --- and Annie Hayden's superb-o "Swingin' Party" --- god, Tim! Anyway, most of the TD action is happening over at his del.icio.us link blog, at which I heard tell of SY's recovering of some equipment jacked in '99 [scroll down an item or two] and this hi-sterical ILM thread on little-known music trivia (for example, #225: The Shona language of southern Africa has 34 words for Rockism. Bantu, however, has none).


Not a blog, but Point of Departure looks to be a worthwhile stop in the free jazz-o-sphere, sort of a slimmed down Paris Transatlantic, or a calm, single-voiced Batagellen. Enjoyed the pissy take on current jazz writing, though a quick tour of the reviews at PoD reveal the danger of this approach (review thyself, and all that). Weird that the Chris Porter dis makes no mention of his web outlet, the MP3 blog Suburbs Are Killing Us, which, admittedly, is more and more simply a dumping ground for Porter's print journalism.


Mentioned this before, but it seems to me more folks should be reading and enjoying The Pop View, if the total subscription number at Bloglines is any indication of overall audience size. Here's TPV on tv story structure, and here on slasher films, and on tv show opening credits. And sometimes there is music, sweet music.


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