Friday, January 27, 2006

Cutout bin.

--I noted the passing of guitarist Derek Bailey on Christmas day last year with sadness, but an almost total ignorance of the man's oeuvre. The best blog post I've seen on the man, a great introduction for neophytes like me and a fitting memorial, can be found at the night after night blog. [latter link spotted at bags]

--If the WMFU blog didn't sate your thirst for Nurse With Wound list action, insect & individual is making its way through the list, supplementing the 'fmu posts with additional information on the albums, cover art, and perhaps most crucially, complete album sound files (via rapidshare).

--Free Albums Galore earlier this month linked to ubuweb's posting of an odd Sun Ra album (which is saying something): a live "duet" with John Cage recorded in 1986. On Side A, Cage and Ra alternate, with Cage supplying vocalese and Ra offering, variously, spindly keyboard lines and celestial soundscapes. The Arkestra files in, mostly playing in, on side B. There's also a good deal of silence, broken only by vinyl surface noise. Worth a quick listen. For a brief, more theatric Ra performance, there's a minute-plus video clip of him at youtube (courtesy this ILM thread, via the usual). 'Nother short Marshall Allen clip from the same gig here.

--One item in that ILM thread worth your time is this 1980 clip of PiL on American Bandstand, performing "Careering" and "Poptones," and getting EVERYONE involved. Awesome and uplifting. While in the UK last week, I stumbled onto a current BBC TV interview with a gap-toothed Lydon; the interviewer reminded me of Martha Quinn. Lydon was responsive, polite, thoughtful, gracious. It was mildly unsettling, but better that, I thought, than a ranting, prancing senior citizen (viz. the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show).

--Noticed recently that the newish, Indiana-based, and totally above-board mp3&c. blog marathon packs (name came to him in a dream) has us in amid the blogroll. Given the company, it suggests a mistake or typing glitch, but we're happy to be there all the same. For a taste, here's MP's best videos of '05 list. Carry on.

--Happy birthday Bobby Blue Bland, wherever you are.

Friday, January 13, 2006

If you're feeling Dylanish.

And aren’t we all. Establishing once and for all that no one posts it slower. At least one of these is not true.

Radio Dylan: Dylan to host an XM satellite radio show. No word yet on whether he's been asked to share the mic with Jackie Martling.

Jazz-hands Dylan: In the great tradition of ABBA, Billy Joel, and the Smiths, a new Twyla Tharp-directed musical based on Dylan’s oeuvre is in the works, opening next month in San Diego.

Lost Dylan: Dylan reportedly was separated from his iPod, and his playlist was offloaded and posted.

Action Dylan: Barbie will soon be able to canoodle with the rock star in her dream house, as Mattel has planned a Ken-style posable figure modeled on the singer.

Fifth Beatle Dylan: Some guy (literally) has put five mintues of Eat the Document --- the Lennon/Dylan cab ride --- up at Google video. "I only know the lesser-knowns," sez Bob. John does not throw up.

Lord Dylan: John Schaefer, host of the WNYC program Soundcheck, last month spent a bit of time disucssing a new musical based on the life and work of Lord Buckley. Now go spend a bit of time staring at Bringing It All Back Home.

New tones for tired heads.

Radical music to disarrange the senses and unalign the mind. A new leaf in an already old year. Some titles to point the way forward.

KAORU ABE Solo 1972.4.11
ALVIN CURRAN Canti Illuminati
ALICE COLTRANE Transfiguration
GHOST Snuff Box Immanence
ENNIO MORRICONE Crime and Dissonance
JEAN-CLAUDE VANNIER L'Enfant Assassin des Mouches

Thursday, January 05, 2006

For artists only.

Billboard has an end-of-the-year list of Top 10s from a surprisingly diverse group of musicians. Interesting lists of 2005 fave albums from Carrie Brownstein, Robert Pollard, Jeff Tweedy, Beck, and many others. My vote for best list: Bob Mould. Worst list - by such a wide margin that it actually makes me worry about their next release - M83. No shame: John Doe. No Shame, Part Two: James Murphy. The lists are broken up alphabetically in four parts, so be sure to check out the other three sections.