Friday, January 27, 2006

Cutout bin.

--I noted the passing of guitarist Derek Bailey on Christmas day last year with sadness, but an almost total ignorance of the man's oeuvre. The best blog post I've seen on the man, a great introduction for neophytes like me and a fitting memorial, can be found at the night after night blog. [latter link spotted at bags]

--If the WMFU blog didn't sate your thirst for Nurse With Wound list action, insect & individual is making its way through the list, supplementing the 'fmu posts with additional information on the albums, cover art, and perhaps most crucially, complete album sound files (via rapidshare).

--Free Albums Galore earlier this month linked to ubuweb's posting of an odd Sun Ra album (which is saying something): a live "duet" with John Cage recorded in 1986. On Side A, Cage and Ra alternate, with Cage supplying vocalese and Ra offering, variously, spindly keyboard lines and celestial soundscapes. The Arkestra files in, mostly playing in, on side B. There's also a good deal of silence, broken only by vinyl surface noise. Worth a quick listen. For a brief, more theatric Ra performance, there's a minute-plus video clip of him at youtube (courtesy this ILM thread, via the usual). 'Nother short Marshall Allen clip from the same gig here.

--One item in that ILM thread worth your time is this 1980 clip of PiL on American Bandstand, performing "Careering" and "Poptones," and getting EVERYONE involved. Awesome and uplifting. While in the UK last week, I stumbled onto a current BBC TV interview with a gap-toothed Lydon; the interviewer reminded me of Martha Quinn. Lydon was responsive, polite, thoughtful, gracious. It was mildly unsettling, but better that, I thought, than a ranting, prancing senior citizen (viz. the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show).

--Noticed recently that the newish, Indiana-based, and totally above-board mp3&c. blog marathon packs (name came to him in a dream) has us in amid the blogroll. Given the company, it suggests a mistake or typing glitch, but we're happy to be there all the same. For a taste, here's MP's best videos of '05 list. Carry on.

--Happy birthday Bobby Blue Bland, wherever you are.


Blogger Chilly Jay Chill said...

That PiL clip is fucking genius. Reconfirms that Lydon made the most successful and radical musical reinvention in history of pop music. But also shows him continuing to disrupt the same old-same old in new and exciting ways. Rather than just blankly thumb his nose at American Bandstand, he actually makes the most of his time there to both send up the whole charade AND engage and connect with the audience. LOVE how people were getting down to the dark pulse of "Careering," shaking their asses to lyrics like "The point of history / the same as murder." Death disco, indeed.

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