Monday, December 05, 2005

If you're feeling Zornish.

NPR [hearts] Zorn. A few weeks ago on Weekend Edition, Lian Hansen interviewed Zorn and John Madof, guitarist for Rashanim, a "Jewish power trio" who's latest album features ten "unknown" tunes from Zorn's Masada songbook, and whose album Masada Rock was put out by Tzadik. Worth it for Lian's attempts to pronounce tzadik and rashamin. Also for Zorn's big up for Dick Dale.

This past Saturday night, Zorn checked in with David Garland, whose Evening Music program acts as a soporific weekend evenings on the NYC NPR affiliate. Garland has lately been hosting a "must have" festival, where guests run down musical must-haves. JZ basically presented a concise history of experimental classical music, from the tenth century to Harry Partch. Annoyingly, Zorn's roster of artists is unavailable online, and show is similarly offline (for now --- might be archived soon enough). It was a treat to hear Brian Lehrer, who by day hosts pound for pound the most thoughtful daytime radio talk show in the tri-state, open the night's show with a celebration of the many phases of Miles Davis.

And: if you're interested in supporting Zorn's performance space in NYC, The Stone, head on over to the Downtown Music Gallery and pick up a limited edition CD featuring Zorn, Dave Douglas, Bill Frisell, Mike Patton and others, the proceeds from which will go to fund further events at the club.


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