Friday, January 13, 2006

If you're feeling Dylanish.

And aren’t we all. Establishing once and for all that no one posts it slower. At least one of these is not true.

Radio Dylan: Dylan to host an XM satellite radio show. No word yet on whether he's been asked to share the mic with Jackie Martling.

Jazz-hands Dylan: In the great tradition of ABBA, Billy Joel, and the Smiths, a new Twyla Tharp-directed musical based on Dylan’s oeuvre is in the works, opening next month in San Diego.

Lost Dylan: Dylan reportedly was separated from his iPod, and his playlist was offloaded and posted.

Action Dylan: Barbie will soon be able to canoodle with the rock star in her dream house, as Mattel has planned a Ken-style posable figure modeled on the singer.

Fifth Beatle Dylan: Some guy (literally) has put five mintues of Eat the Document --- the Lennon/Dylan cab ride --- up at Google video. "I only know the lesser-knowns," sez Bob. John does not throw up.

Lord Dylan: John Schaefer, host of the WNYC program Soundcheck, last month spent a bit of time disucssing a new musical based on the life and work of Lord Buckley. Now go spend a bit of time staring at Bringing It All Back Home.


Blogger Chilly Jay Chill said...

The Dylan playlist a hoax? I kinda hope so...

11:31 AM  
Blogger Prof. Drew LeDrew said...

Believe so, yeah, but don't know so.

4:53 PM  

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