Monday, February 20, 2006

Ds, p.

Sweet article from the weekend's New York Times on fab drummer Susie Ibarra's latest activities.

There's also a rundown on Andrew Hill's '63 Blue Note Smoke Stack over at Bagatellen, possibly occasioned by his return to Blue Note after a 15-odd year absence. Many comments speak to Hill's chilliness, which some find off-putting, and others oddly compelling. That's me: I don't always get what Hill is up to, and sometimes his playing sounds clinical, but some probing quality always draws me back. As always, seeming someone live helps, and his duet with Jason Moran a year or so ago went a long way toward thawing Hill out for me.

UPDATE: Friday's New York Times featured a lengthy article on Hill by Ben Ratliff, one in their "listening to CDs with" series. Hill picks Bird and Brubeck, mutters a few inscrutable comments, while Ratliff gives a good potted history of the man. There are also a few audio clips.


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