Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Deja vu.

Further to the rockism conblogfab sparked by Kelefa Sanneh's NYTimes article (link expired, but excerpted at Gerard Cosloy's blog), historically minded readers may wish to avail themselves of this long article, c. 1990, in which Dean Christgau chases down the Rock(ism) in a decade summary that he might've thought would've been the last 6,000 words on the subject. But no.

That the word rockism makes my skin crawl and my head hurt and the backs of my eyelids suddenly interesting makes me realize that I was never cut out to be a true music critic --- and there are tens of dead links in cyberspace that, were they available, would attest to this as well. (Not that this is stopping me from trying to write a book about music. More on that later.)


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