Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Semi-mellow jazz docent (teaches the jazz kids how to indie).

Proving yet again that jazz's salvation will be at the hands of someone other than jazz fans, avant jazz has been popping up on the indie MP3 blog axis lately, perhaps in response to a slow release month. Anyway, The Pop View posted some semi-successful electro-jazz from Matthew Shipp last week; and Eddie Gale, fresh from a furious Vision Fest appearance (he was furious with the sound guy), and a primo spot on Soul Jazz' New Thing! comp., has popped up twice at Orbis Quintus, and once at Fluxblog, a while ago. And then there's that Gold Sounds album, twelve jazz covers of Pavement songs, finally due September 27, from Brown Brothers. (This is a cool idea, and should get lots of attention, but the lead up to this release has been so protracted they're running the risk of sapping all of the native enthusiasm they've engendered. Right, Fiona?) The Brown Bros. site is now streaming "My Own Mine," which appeared most recently on the deluxe Slanted & Enchanted.


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