Monday, September 19, 2005

Showing vision.

If free jazz is your bag, and you've been looking for additional ways to support Katrina-affected citizens, here's where you'll be tomorrow night (Tuesday, Sept. 20):

A Jazz and Creative Music All-Star Benefit
for the Artists of New Orleans

172 Norfolk Street (just south of Houston)
Tuesday September 20, 2005
5pm to midnight
Donation $30 or for those who can afford $100

Order of Appearance
--Students from the New York High Schools (Humanities Preparatory and James Baldwin) perform work developed with Vision artists and teachers: Bob Craddock, Lan Ding Liu, Patricia Nicholson, William Parker, Matthew Shipp and Guillermo E. Brown
--The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra with Rob Brown, Sabir Mateen, Darryl Foster, Dave Sewelson, Roy Campbell, Lewis Barnes, Matt Lavelle, Masahiko Kono, Steve Swell, Dave Hofstra, William Parker, Andrew Barker, Leena Conquest
--Masada with Dave Douglas Greg Cohen, Kenny Wollesen and John Zorn
--Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Whit Dickey, Patricia Nicholson
--Bill Dixon solo trpt
--Oliver Lake, Ted Daniel, Ahmed Abdullah, Reggie Workman, Cooper-Moore
--Muhal Richard Abrams solo piano
--Kidd Jordan, Clyde Kerr, Kali Z. Fasteau, Henry Grimes, Hamid Drake + poet Amiri Baraka
--Tri-Factor with Hamiet Bluiett, Billy Bang & Kahil El-Zabar + poet Quincy Troupe
--Kidd Jordan, William Parker, Charles Gayle, Roy Campbell, Hamid Drake
--Jazz Passengers with Deborah Harry and Elvis Costello
--Yo La Tengo with Other Dimensions in Music

Emcees: Steve Buscemi, Steve Dalachinsky & Patricia Nicholson

All proceeds from these events will go directly to New Orleanian artists via The Jazz Foundation of America and the New Orleans Musician's Clinic.


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